ConnectAd is an independent, full-service publisher platform. We have been involved for the past six years with programmatic advertising and enjoy excellent knowledge of both the buyer’s and the seller’s side. That enables us to advise, analyze and optimize to the maximum possible extent while focused on your objective of getting the most from your programmatic setup. Our support team helps top publishers with their installation and ongoing operations so that they can concentrate lock, stock and barrel on their actual business.

We support all popular desktop and mobile formats as well as video advertising over a central platform.

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Why ConnectAd?

Our technology combines premium inventory with premium customers. As a so-called "Meta-SSP", we work hand in hand with the largest networks and let them compete against each other. This guarantees the highest possible eCPM, combined with full utilization of your inventory.
We handle all the processing, optimization, set-up, exclusion of advertisers, optimization of eCPMS and automated payment. You simply need to integrate our ConnectAd Tags (OpenRTB and header-bidding connection on request).
The ConnectAd System works completely transparently. You have an accurate overview of utilization, income, eCPMS and trends, at all times. We highly value our partners; therefore, we have no secrets and truly live transparency.
ConnectAd proves itself through performance and continuous increases. Therefore, we have no exclusive contracts, no minimum contract duration periods, and no minimum quantities. You alone determine the volume and placements you would like us to handle. And if no suitable buyer is found, we will return the impression to you.
ConnectAd connects with auctions in real-time. Therefore, we believe that every evaluation and analysis must also be available in real-time. The ConnectAd system updates itself every minute; this ensures that you always have an up-to-date overview of all activities.
Our holistic system allows a multitude of different advertisers and demand partners to compete against each other. Our system analyzes current incoming bids and historical data, in order to guarantee the best possible price for each impression.
At ConnectAd, PMPs (Private Marketplace) with the most important agencies and customers, are included from the start. You no longer have to worry about it, or make additional resources available for negotiations.
We are happy to integrate your existing PMP's, or set up individual connections. This additionally increases your revenues and maximizes utilization.

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