Demand Partner

High-quality environments with editorial content

Numerous premium publishers have chosen ConnectAd as their supply platform. We ensure that we meet the highest standards of quality and viewability and regularly subject all content partners to both automated and manual controls.

ConnectAd inventory is always online inventory from leading media from a local point of view. We are in continuous, direct contact with our content partners and do not accept intermediaries on our platform - meaning we can guarantee outstanding quality. Hardly a topic engages our industry and our valued brand advertisers more than the quality of the environments and AdFraud.

As a signatory and backer of the BVDW initiative "Code of conduct programmatic advertising", we take active measures against any kind of fraud. As a result, fraud traffic has no chance with us.

For the best resutls

  • Display Standard IAB-Formats
  • Mobile MMA Formats
  • Rich Media
  • Video VAST 4.0, VPAID 2.0
  • Mobile Video

to better reach their goal

  • Direct Campaign
  • PMP
  • Open-Auction
  • OpenRTB Integration

by leveraging clever solutions

  • High Visibility PMP
  • ÖWA-Only PMP
  • Newspaper-PMP
  • Audience-Package
  • Channel Package
  • Branding Package
ConnectAd is connected to all major demand platforms, and setting up private market place deals usually takes only a few minutes.

Integrating your own bidder means you have several additional possibilities (e.g., special advertising forms) available to you. We're always looking for new partners, and look forward to hearing from you.







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